Monday, November 9, 2009


Now that the book that consumed three years of my life (long story) is finally finished, I'm working on book four in the Rabbit-verse.  I've always found this to be the hardest part--letting go of the previous story and allowing the current one to unfold.  I have to constantly remind myself that this book is not Shadows Past.  Rabbit and the people around him have changed, maybe even grown some, and their responses and reactions aren't going to be quite the same.

But it's taking shape.  A more mature Rabbit is emerging, one who's not quite as subject to the whims and schemes of those around him.  That doesn't mean that he's not being plunged into situations that go cattywampus.  That's part of the fun; to see how characters react when their world is spinning out of control.

In any case, I hope to have this one done much quicker than the last; I too want to know how the latest bout of mischief Rabbit finds himself in turns out.

And then I get to start on book 5.

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