Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time Flies

Already a month into 2010.  It seems like a only few months ago it was 2000.  Time flies.  And the older I get, the faster it goes.  I remember as a child the eons it took to get to my birthday, Christmas, that promised day at Disneyland.  Now my birthdays come upon me with the suddeness of someone rapidly flipping through calendar pages and Christmas is only 338 shopping days away.  Haven't been to Disneyland in a good while, though.

Hmm, maybe I should schedule some E-ticket ride time this year.
Still working on The Reckoning Flames and it's interesting to see a character mature and change.  Rabbit is growing up; he's no longer the somewhat naive boy he was when he was just a horse soldier fresh from the Freston garrison--and there are times when he reminds me of that fact in responses and reactions that turn the plot in directions I didn't expect it to go.  Makes me feel at times as though I'm only along for the ride (E-ticket :)).

I've finished the World of Time series up through The Gathering Storm and have resigned myself to waiting for the last two books (one instance where I wish time would hurry up).  I've also worked through my collection of Barbara Hambly books, finishing up with her last fantasy one, Circle of the Moon.  I'm a little sorry that she has put aside her Science Fiction/Fantasy writing; she is one of my favorite authors, especially in those genres.  However, I greatly enjoyed her Benjamin January series and am happy to see a new one will be released this spring.  I've also ordered her Abigail Adams historical murder mystery.  In the meantime, I will start on George Martin's A Game of Thrones.  It'll be my first time through the series (yeah, I know, but I wasn't ready to read it until now), so I anticipate some good reading times.


  1. It is funny the older I get the more I have to do the math (twice) to check my age. The first time to find out, the second to dispel my disbelief at the actual number.
    Thanks for sharing what you are reading. It is always nice to get ideas and recommendations, I've found good books that way. Personally I am looking forward to an upcoming release on Feb 2nd....

  2. Really glad to see that the third book is coming out this week and that you are HARD at work on a fourth. Covenants was a near revelation to me - and I am old enough that time moves quite quickly for me. Thanks for your great work.

  3. I am really excited that your third book is coming out I preordered it today, love your work and I look forward to reading it.

  4. Just wanted to say how much I've looking forward to your new book and how much I was hoping it would be published. I've been tracking updates ever since I finished Book 2 and resigned myself to disapointment. I'm very glad to be wrong. :)

  5. I got my copy of Shadows Past and the only downside to getting it on Kindle is that I can't hug it to my chest while doing the happy dance! The good thing is that I got it at 12:02 while I was sleeping so was able to start over breakfast! w00t!
    To celebrate, I gave away my 4! (two each) copies of the two previous books to deserving co-workers.

  6. My daughter just picked up Shadows Past - a copy for her and one for me! We are so excited - have gone through two copies of the first two books in the series (wore out the first set)! Looked everywhere to find out what happened to the third book! Now to hear that there's a fourth book being written - am ecstatic!

    Glad to hear about reading Barbara Hambly also - am hoping she goes back to writing on the Windrose Chronicles or Darwath series!

    Can't wait to read my copy of Shadows Past!

  7. Hi SMJ,

    I'm also hoping that Ms. Hambly returns to some of her earlier series. I just finished the Suncross books and realized that she has left the story hanging. I'd love to find out what's happening now that Rhion's returned home.

  8. Hi, Lorna--

    Yes, I read that one and waited for what would happen with Rhion - and I'm still waiting!

    Thank goodness Rabbit is back! I loved the third book - now I need to see what happens to Javes!

    Also am really interested in what happens to the King- that conversation with Rabbit at the end of the book was really sad - how lonely he must be - his mother didn't like him, his best friend betrayed really brought that across to me as a reader.

    As I stated - can't wait for the fourth book now! Will have to re-read the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd until it is published!

    Thank you so much (again) for bringing us the third book!

  9. Hi Lorna,

    I'm glad you are along for the ride with Rabbit, one of my all-time favorite characters! I think thats how inspiration works, it's almost like an outside force guiding the hand of the artist. Hope the spirit continues to move you. Can't wait to learn more about Rabbit, Jusson, Javes and the rest of the crew.