Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Tyranny of the Blank Page

As I thought, I'm now paying for the distractions of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Ah, well. 

The book is coming along, just not as fast as I'd like it too.  There's something daunting about a blank page and a deadline.  More often than not I find myself in the kitchen making tea instead of sitting at my computer.  Or standing in front of a bookcase.  Or fiddling with my CDs (music is necessary for writing).  Or "researching" on the web.  Anything to avoid staring at that blank page.

I was probably traumatized by a high school term paper.

Anyways, a very belated Happy New Year to everyone.  May all your tyrants be overthrown.


  1. Good luck in the battle against procrastination! I know when I get the urge to clean the bathroom (very out of character for me )I am definitely avoiding something and have to get back to work. I too am having trouble getting back into the swing of things since the holiday break. Once you have lapsed out of good work habits it is so hard to get back to them.
    I Love your books, they are one of my favorite rereads. I am eagerly awaiting the new release. great work!

  2. This is totally Structured Procrastination... just pretend that the ABSOLUTE, MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO RIGHT NOW... is making a cup of tea... and you'll find yourself at the computer typing away (on the blank page, and not doing "research"... because the latter is second in importance on your list, right after making tea).

    We tend to do the "good" rather than the "best" for various reasons, of which, of course, I have no idea what they are. I could make some up though, be all psychological and stuff, if that would help anyone.

    If us being your cheering section from across the interwebs would help you tackle that blank page of yours, I have just one thing to say....


  3. Hmmmm....perhaps you should have met with your wonderful writers group last week and they would have encouraged along. ;-)

  4. Busted. Though in my defense, I've had tunnel vision all month and didn't look at my emails until this week--and was annoyed to find out that'd I'd missed it.

  5. Hi Lorna,

    Maybe, just maybe, if you were to post a very, very short snippet from Shadows Past, it would help you get in the mood to write.

    After all, you'd have to be thinking about the characters in order to pick out an appropriate snippet. And surely if you were thinking about the characters, you'd also be reviewing the plot. Furthermore, if you were to post a small snippet, you'd probably feel very pleased at having brought such happiness to your loyal readers.

    The combination of feeling pleased, thinking about the characters, and reviewing the plot might very likely cause you to feel an overwhelming desire to make some notes or write an outline. And once you begin writing, ....

    And all from posting a very, very small snippet. :)

  6. I have been a huge fan of your work from the first book and was so pleased to discover this website and the impending release of Shadows Past. I already pre-ordered the title on Amazon and also the Kindle-version... but I wanted to let you know that copies of Shadows Past were on the shelves today at a Barnes & Noble in Pensacola, FL. My jaw dropped (dolphin noises may have emerged), because I was sure the book wasn't due out till February (I've no idea if there are any consequences for you in terms of bestseller lists/ profits when this happens, but wanted to let you know just in case).

    Naturally, I had to buy a copy RIGHT THEN as well! I can't wait to read it!

  7. Hi eOnions--I have a feeling someone in the bookstore jumped the gun in putting it out on the shelves. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. . .

    And Emma, I've always enjoyed authors who posted excerpts from their work in progress. When I finally get my "full service" website up and running, I promise I'll do the same.

  8. Hi, Lorna, thanks for the response. No rush on the "full service" website if it interferes with your writing. :)

    Oh, eOnions, you're so lucky! As soon as I read your post, I called local B&Ns and Borders here in Central Florida to see if they had copies of Shadows Past on the shelves. No luck there, so I'll keep waiting and let the anticipation continue to build.

  9. Okay, Lorna we're going to start calling, texting and emailing for the next meeting!;-)