Monday, August 30, 2010

Writing is like a baking bread. . .

So, I’m banging my head against the wall because a scene that I figured would take me about an hour to write has taken three days, and it still won’t gel. One of the most frustrating experiences a writer can face, I think. When all the ingredients are there but the damn bread just won’t rise. Bah.

Mostly it’s because I can’t get into one of the character’s heads. I can’t quite figure out how he’d react given the circumstances. I know he’s seriously angry—close on being enraged—but how does that play out? Does he explain in precise detail what he’s going to do and why, all the while catching certain people in all sorts of lies and equivocations? Or does he just cut them off at the knees and stalk out, leaving a quivering, bloody mass of flesh behind? And if so, how? Another problem is that there’s a lot of moving parts in the scene and so how do they also react and interact? Actually, I have them down for the most part, it’s only the central character in the scene who’s being a pain in the keister.

Bah again.

Maybe I should go slap him around a bit, then he’ll punch me back and I’ll have his reaction.


  1. I think you have it easy, i'm trying to decide which mobile phone I want as the one i really want is out of stock. doh

  2. Chosing a mobile phone is up there with deciding which college to go to, which house to buy, who to marry, etc.

  3. Lorna:
    Sometimes, they say that it somes down to the last second. I think this would also depend on the nature of your character: is he more of a violent nature or not? If he is more of a violent and impatient nature, chances are that he might not want to do things the civilized and diplomatic way. Not only that, it also depends on how fed up he is with the others. But, all the same, I think you would know how he would react in time. Relax, inspiration comes with time. Take a small break and maybe you would find some inspiration in that.
    Talking about characters, will we ever get to hear the aspect fire 'talking' to Rabbit? And what about letting us meet the northern clan elves next time? We readers have seen the dark elves, but we haven't seen the northern clan ones yet. Just curious to know more.
    Moving on... I just love your books. I love the funny scenes, the revelations and the plot line you're building up. Great work!

  4. Thanks for your encouragement. Usually when I get stuck like that, it's because I'm trying to make a character or the plot bend in a way it's not supposed to. So I have to figure out which way it does bend.

    As far as the northern elves go, Rabbit did meet some--well, one--in Covenants. But there are more looming in his not so distant future, though in the Border or in Iversterre, it's not clear yet.

    And for fire, well, it's just biding its time. . .

  5. I know the post isn't suppose to be funny but the last few lines made me giggle!

  6. lorna has to be said that the northern elves have a massive opportunity in terms of the future of rabbit, clearly I know nothing of the storyline but I do think the prospect of them is pretty sweet.