Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Books, Part III

Georgette Heyer is taking a back seat as I've just got C.J. Cherryh's latest in her Foreigner series.

I am happy.

Now not to gobble it up in one gulp.


  1. oh i love her stuff!! I think I read her latest book in one sitting.


  2. I actually just started reading the Foreigner series. Almost finished the third right now, and while Im not enjoying it as much as the first two I plan to keep going on since there has been so much positive review for the series as a whole.

    Personally I prefer your series, but then you are very high up on my fave authors list :) . One of my favourite things about your books is that I am always surprised at what happens with the characters and plot. Usually I can pin out what, who, and why early on in books/movies, but with yours I am just left with suspicions.

  3. I agree, That Girl. Cherryh is one of my BOS (buy on sight) authors.

    And thank you very much, Netter :). Also, I agree with you that the third book isn't quite as good--it's an A- as opposed to the A+ of the first two--I can vouche that the series as a whole is a very good read.

  4. try a guy called S J A Turney who is a bit different from a fantasy author but he is very good with character building!

  5. You're making me feel bad, I haven't read any new R.A. Salvatore in ages *pouts* Thought I love Tanya Huff. I'm reading Artemis Fowl right now just because it's been a few months but I need to stop reading so fast, I'm running through books to fast and I can't buy any new ones right now because my apartment is in serious need of furniture.

  6. new robert jordan out so its awesome! well havent read it but still very excited.

  7. Hey just had a random thought.... has there been any consideration given towards having your books turned into audio books like on iTunes or something? Just wondering because I listen to them from time to time and I know I would definitely buy yours if it was available.

  8. I've been a fan of Covenants since I saw it in store years ago, picked it up on a whim, and finished reading it in a few days. When the sequel came out, I figured since I was busy I might as well wait for book three until reading two, but it looks like that was a mistake: unfortunately, it seems like King's Own is out of print and other than the copy I just now snagged for $25 not available for less than $50-200!

    Anyway, I look forward to continuing the adventures of Rabbit, Laurel, and their companions soon after a six year break.

    Good luck with book four! I promise I won't wait so long next time.

  9. Hi That Girl,

    At present there's no plans to turn the books into audio books. If and when that changes, I will post it here.

    And thanks for your very kind words, Andrew. Yeah, books 1 and 2 are out of print; that's my fault as I took a very long time finishing book 3. I'm cranking on book 4 so that there won't be such a large gap between it and Shadows Past.

    And, yes, Phil, I have the lastest Robert Jordan and am devouring it in big, greedy bites.