Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who's in Charge?

I don’t know if I’ve written about this before (don't feel like looking back through my blog), but sometimes you have an idea about a particular character, whether they’re good, bad, silly and you start to write them that way only to have them say “uh-uh, that’s not me.” Uusally it’s a villain (or at least someone who’s not working in the hero’s best interest), though occasionally it’s one of the good guys, like Kveta in Shadows Past. I thought of her at first as a senior statesman (wolf?), gray-muzzled, dignified, and with a gentle yet sly sense of humor. But as I got into her character I realized that wasn’t her at all. And I have to admit that I found her “real” persona much more interesting—the dashing captain with a hidden agenda versus the elderly (and rather dull) Ambassador spouting wisdom and bon mots. Give me a good villain (or villainess) anytime over some stuffy goody-two shoes. A good villain will drive the story; a stuffy character will bog it down—or speed it up as readers fast forward through the parts he or she appear.

Anyway, it has happened again, though not as dramatic as Kveta’s role reversal. Someone I thought as bad, but rather silly—and minor in the general scheme of things—has suddenly grown teeth and is occupying a bigger part of the story than I originally planned. On one hand, it’s rather frustrating as it messes with the story arc, but on the other it’s fascinating. The story is changing as characters interact and I’m interested in seeing where it goes with him.

In other news, it’s raining here and will be for the next several days—hey, it’s Southern California; that’s very big news. I’m enjoying the weather—there’s something about cold, rainy weekends where the only place you have to be is at home. Music on the radio, hot pot of tea at my elbow. I’m set.

Oh, by the way, only six shopping days until Christmas. J


  1. Sounds kind of that you're happy and can work normally - despite of Christmas.

    Here in Germany, it's snowing for days. The city is overwhelmed with all that snow. And I just love it. :D

    So thanks for blogging. I wish you a very nice fourth advent!

  2. Hi Tanine,

    Thanks! And Merry Christmas to you too :)

  3. It's almost a year since you've posted. Any word on "The Reckoning Flames"?

    Hope you have a healthy and *productive* New Year!